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The global flow of patients across borders has changed the patterns of demand and supply of healthcare services over the recent decade.

Medical tourists are motivated to seek medical treatments outside their area of residence by many factors, which include cost, time, regulation, medical preferences and availability, quality, leisure tourism and information availability. We pride ourselves at TaqTik Health in providing all the information you need to help you feel confident in your choice of destination for your medical treatments in any of our first class destinations.


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All  treatments programs are provided by healthcare facilities with the highest levels of certifications, accreditations and high-quality standards.


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We are a diverse group of individuals who have lived, worked, and traveled around the world, personally experiencing the varying quality of healthcare services offered in numerous countries. Those experiences have given us an in-depth understanding of the benefits and challenges of accessing affordable, appropriate, timely, and first-rate medical, health, and wellness services. Drawing on years of experience, our team comes together from the worlds of medicine, high tech, medical travel, customer service, public health, and law to provide cohesive and integrated services for the health traveler. Meet our team.


Listen to our customers

Unbelievable results.

Thanks for everything whilst I was there – I really had a positive experience and I will certainly remember the whole thing so fondly. Everything is good with my surgery results – looking better day by day as the swelling goes down. I was really so happy with the results straight away and couldn’t believe that there was hardly any swelling or bruising. Take care and say hi to everyone and a big thank you for looking after me so well. I really really appreciate it.

Professional and caring.

I just wanted to thank your company Taqtik Health and the staff for their professionalism and caring attitude I was most impressed with th surgeon and hospital standards and above all Taqtik Health Staff. I have almost recovered now and will definitely recommend Taqtik Health to my friends here in Sydney. Thanking you once again.

I feel so well!

Since being home, I have had so many compliments about well I look. My thanks to the surgeon. Please continue to send newsletters and my best wishes to you and your team of great girls.

A wonderful result.

“THANK YOU” to you and team for a wonderful result and a wonderful stay. Thank you for your professionalism, generosity and care.

A super lovely bunch of people!

What a super lovely bunch of people at Taqtik Health. Thank you ALL so much – all’s going smoothly and soreness is bearable BECAUSE of the loveliness and smiles. Please forward my genuine appreciation of all the people that have helped me (Taqtik Health managers, frontline, online) as well as to the boss!

Singing your praises to everyone!

The whole experience with Taqtik Health was wonderful, I cannot thank you and all the people of Taqtik Health enough, you are all amazing. I have been singing your praises to everyone, and have given your web site to all who are interested. Thanks for everything.

Thank you for looking after us.

A wee note on the anniversary of my surgery to say a Big THANK YOU again to all of you for looking after Frances and I so well. Please convey my thanks to to the surgeons and God Bless

Always a call to see how everything was!

Please can you pass on my thanks to the whole team –the Managers and the wonderful drivers. I was very impressed with the whole experience and the kind and caring attitude of the customer assistance team. From the word go – I was made to feel supported and there was always a call to see how everything was. The ground team was wonderful, providing assistance, when my friend was injured and I found this most kind. My local GP has commented on what a wonderful job the surgeon dis so many thanks to him.

Every day gets better.

Thank you for your care and follow up. I will recommend you to my fellow work mates. I know there are plenty of people that would love to do what I have done. There is a market for this in my own country.

The hospital was 10 stars

I am quite amazed that the media seems to be so negative towards these kind of affordable surgery packages. My experience was so positive and I have nothing but praise for their staff, the hospital staff and my doctor. I did a lot of research on the types of surgery in Asia before I made my decision and I was able to download my Doctors CV so I did have information about him before I even made my decision. I also was able to make contact with other Clients in Cairns to get more information. I had numerous emails from staff throughout the 4 months prior to my surgery, they were always happy to answer any questions promptly that I had in regards to anything at all about my holiday, accommodation, surgery etc.


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